Congratulations to the 2024 ADA DHF First Nations Grants’ recipients

The two winners set against a predominantly blue, green and yellow Indigenous art background commissioned by the ADA
Australian Dental Association
11 July 2024
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Grants and awards

The ADA Dental Health Foundation is proud to announce this year’s recipients of its First Nations Study Grants which are available to students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background who are undertaking a course of study that will lead to registration as a dental hygienist or oral health therapist. 

First offered in 2013, the grants offer students funding that may be used to cover costs of dental equipment, textbooks and to financially support students while they are on placements or living away from home. 

The awarding of the grants has enabled many past students to realise their career goals and will no doubt do the same for this year’s recipients: 

Ashley Bainbridge 
Bachelor of Oral Health, Central Queensland University 


“With the invaluable support provided by the previous grant, I have navigated the financial challenges of university education and fully immersed myself in my studies. I remain committed to collaborating with the Queensland Government to provide dental care to remote and rural areas across Australia. Additionally, I aspire to volunteer with respected organisations like Tooth Mob, where I can improve oral health outcomes and promote oral health education, especially among Indigenous communities.” 

Naomi Stacey 
Bachelor of Oral Health, Central Queensland University 


"My aim in seeking this grant is to alleviate the financial burdens associated with full time study and the lengthy commute from Benaraby, which is approximately 1.5 hours away, to attend mandatory classes four days a week at the Rockhampton North campus. By securing this support, I would be able to liberate myself from the necessity of weekend employment, enabling me to dedicate more time to my studies and achieve my goals. This grant presents an invaluable opportunity to ease the financial and mental strain associated with my circumstances as it would also assist me in being able to afford accommodation closer to campus, enhancing my ability to focus on my academic pursuits." 

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