Advanced Contemporary Endodontics

Adjunct Associate Professor Mehdi Rahimi, Dr Garima Sharma, Associate Professor Geoffrey Young, Adjunct Professor Chankhrit Sathorn, Dr Mark Johnstone
08 Mar 2024
Centre for Professional Development
1 Atchison Street
08 Mar 2024 - 09 Mar 2024
Event Type
Online Learning

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Credit (Hours)

0 hours

Price Range: $2550 to $3060
This two-day hands-on seminar offers personalised, high-level training for general dentists wishing to pursue excellence in endodontics, and will teach state-of-the-art evidence-based procedures in root canal preparation and obturation, with a focus on recent advances in endodontic diagnosis and materials. Important techniques for avoiding and managing endodontic procedural problems will be analysed in detail, and participants will be introduced to contemporary methods for the removal of obturation materials and obstructions from root canals. Lecture material will be presented utilising microscope-assisted clinical video, and the workshop portion of the course will provide a hands-on opportunity to use the most clinically relevant rotary NiTi systems and obturation methods. Modern techniques for removing posts, gutta-percha, and fractured instruments will be demonstrated, with operating microscopes available for all hands-on exercises.

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