Dental Insights report 2024 Webinar

17 Apr 2024
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Dental Insights report 2024 Webinar

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As the purse strings tighten in many households due to cost of living increases, many dental practices are seeing this play out in patients' decision-making regarding treatment and preventive care. Compounding this is the increased cost of operating a practice, be it from staff, materials, or services. 

Addressing these challenges is high on many practices’ agenda and those proactively responding are prioritising initiatives to expand their revenue streams, manage costs and bridge the skills gap. In a market where competition for scarce resources and patients is likely to intensify, join us as we bring you the latest insights from CommBank Dental Insights 2024, where we will discuss the report and explore emerging trends for generating demand and driving efficiencies. 

Learning outcomes

  • Key tactics practices are implementing to find and keep patients.
  • How practices are differentiating from their peers to attract and retain staff.
  • Key initiatives practices are advancing to achieve efficiency and productivity.
  • The four things that sets growth focused practices apart.

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