FDI launches new three-year World Oral Health Day campaign theme

Artwork for new World Oral Health Day mascot Toothie the Beaver
Australian Dental Association
16 October 2023
5 min read
Oral health

FDI World Dental Federation has launched its new three-year theme for World Oral Health Day (WOHD), replacing “Be Proud of Your Mouth” with “A Happy Mouth is...” but retaining the same close focus on encouraging people to adopt a good oral hygiene routine and managing risk factors.

Marked every year globally on 20 March, WOHD seeks "to empower people with the tools and knowledge to prevent and control oral diseases, which affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide."

People are given the information and tools they need to take care of their oral health which it is recognised has a vital role to play in overall health, something which the ADA emphasised this year during its annual Dental Health Week oral health promotion.

The “A Happy Mouth is...” theme, will be used from 2024 through to 2026, has been designed to "to simplify oral health and make it accessible by explaining the benefits upfront in a plain-speaking way."

Each year of this three-year campaign will have a particular focus which will align with broader developments on the global health agenda, and which are designed to follow on from the adoption of the World Health Organization Oral Health Resolution 2021.

2024 will firmly focus on the oral and general health link, emphasising that many diseases and conditions are influenced by a person’s oral health and that people can manifestly improve their wellbeing by brushing, flossing and practising other elements of a consistent oral health regime.

The campaign will also feature a mascot, Toothie the Beaver who will take centre stage in what FDI says will be an “exciting movie-inspired campaign”.


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