About us

Since 1927, we have been devoted to the interest of dentists and the dental needs of patients in communities across South Australia. We are the most influential professional association in dentistry.

We are here to support you during every step of your professional career. As your professional association, a committee structure exists to ensure that policies, services, and strategies are administered through the Branch Team. The Association is led by a voluntary member-elected Branch Council, whose role it is to facilitate all business relating to South Australian Members.

The Council appoints a Chief Executive Officer, who, with the Branch Team, delivers the wide range of services that assist members in their day-to-day practice of dentistry. The Council also ensures that the objects of the Branch are met, namely:

  • PROMOTE ethical standards in dentistry;
  • IMPROVE the oral and general health of the community;
  • ADVANCE the science and practice of dentistry;
  • ADVANCE and represent the interests of Members.


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