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Did you know that ADA and ADASA can offer a variety of different membership categories to suit your circumstances throughout your career?


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Frequently asked questions

Are your details up to date?

Have you recently moved house, change mobile, moved practices to ensure you continue enjoying our extensive range of benefits and services, keep ADA SA up to date with any changes you wish to make. This can be done easily by sending an email to [email protected]

I’m moving interstate what do I do?

If you decide to relocate interstate, why not take your membership with you? ADA offers you to transfer your membership from state to state within Australia at no additional cost to you.Simply download the form below, complete and return to your ADA Branch.

We have a Snap on line form available for

Authority to Transfer Form

We are in the process of creating the Snap on line form for Request for Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

Are you considering a leave from practice? For members who intends to or has left Australia or has taken maternity or paternity leave and is not working at all or is unable to work because of illness for a period exceeding 4 months but not exceeding 2 years. ADA offers for you to place your membership on leave of absence.

This suspends your membership, so no access to media and resources, but allows you to return without the need to reapply for membership. If you wish to take up this opportunity download the form below, complete and return to ADA SA.

Request for Leave of Absence


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