NEW Infection Control resources

The ADA Infection Control Committee (ICC) has been working hard to provide resources to assist members to implement the new IC Standard (AS5369).

To date, the committee has released the updated Infection Control Guidelines (v5) with an accompanying TEMPLATE practice manual and a practice Self-Assessment Tool.   The Committee have recommended that practices utilize the self-assessment tool to identify the main issues for the practice to work through to comply with the new requirements.

What’s new?  The ICC have prepared an explanatory document to assist practices in their understanding of the self-assessment tool which includes guidance on what to do and how to go about it.  They have also prepared a series of 9 case studies detailing the results obtained in self-analysis for various different practice scenarios to help point you in the right direction.

Practical Guides: The ICC have prepared updated practical guides to align with AS 5369  (guides which have been significantly updated appear in blue) 

Infection control Practical Guides - Australian Dental Association (

  • Immunizations for healthcare workers
  • Handcare 
  • Latex allergy – management of affected healthcare workers and patients
  • Sharps handling (includes needle handling during administration of LA)
  • Water quality – (includes applications and suitable water types for different purposes within a dental practice and practical guidance on compliance with AS 5369.
  • Environmental cleaning – what to clean, when and how
  • Management of burs and drills
  • Sterilisation – validating and monitoring instrument reprocessing
  • Storage of sterile instrument packs
  • BCI tracking
  • Management of endodontic files
  • Management of GP points
  • Assistance dogs
  • Dental laboratory work
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Masks and eyewear
  • Reprocessing Guide – how to determine the reprocessing required for individual items

What’s coming soon?

Specific resources on water management (including an explanation video) will be the next resources to be released.

The ICC will be publishing an article in the News Bulletin and conducting a second webinar in coming months which will incorporate feedback and specific enquiries being received from members regarding the new Standard. 

Where can I get answers to my questions?

Visit the ADA Infection Control page  ADA Topics - Infection Control - Australian Dental Association

Member Dentists can post specific queries for the ICC on Home - Peer by ADA.

ADA SA Infection Control and Prevention Officer, Craig Anderson is available on a Friday for support and advice via  [email protected] or 08 8272 8111.