Using the Seal of Approval

Give your product the trust it deserves.

The Australian Dental Association launched the ADA Seal of Approval in 1988 to give quality products the trust they deserve and give consumers the confidence that their decision to purchase a particular brand would directly benefit their dental health.

Why have the Seal?

Approval from the Australian Dental Association is approval from Australia's dentists. Brandishing your product with the ADA Seal of Approval is reinforcement of the credibility of your product from an unbiased and authoritative source, demonstrating to your customers that your product withstands scientific rigour and has the backing of the dental profession.

The process

Application is easy. It is made on a product-by-product basis, with each product submitted to an expert panel of dentists who evaluate and test it to ensure alignment with Australian standards and that it works exactly as claimed by the supplier.

For information on how to apply and eligibility criteria, contact the ADA Sales team on 02 8815 3333 or at [email protected]

Seal of Approval guidelines

Governs the way in which oral health products are selected and tested to ensure they conform to the strict parameters of the Seal of Approval program.

Seal of Approval listing

A full listing of oral health products that have been successfully tested and vetted against the Seal of Approval guidelines.