World Oral Health Day launches campaign video featuring new mascot

Screenshot of Toothie the Beaver announcing the theme for this year's World Oral Health Day
Australian Dental Association
9 February 2024
12 min read
Oral health

The FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) , of which the ADA is an active contributory member, has launched the campaign movie for its annual World Oral Health Day (WOHD) promotional event which takes place on 20 March every year. 

Reflecting the theme of the 2024-2026 three-year campaign theme, “A Happy Mouth is...”, the video entitled “A Happy Mouth is...A Happy Body” features new campaign mascot, Toothie the Beaver.  


Watch the video


The movie aims to highlight the close connection between oral and general health, which is an increasing focus of dental associations worldwide including the ADA which has stressed the way in which oral health directly impacts overall health in a range of regulatory submissions and as part of its 2023 Dental Health Week campaign

In addition to the key message in the one-minute movie which stresses that “a happy mouth really is a whole-body experience” and that keeping your teeth and gums healthy protects a person’s heart, lungs and brain, people are being invited to follow Toothie’s Instagram account @ToothieTheBeaver 

Throughout this year’s WOHD campaign, Toothie will take over FDI’s Instagram account which it is hoped will offer "a unique opportunity [for Toothie] to become a global icon for oral health and spark worldwide engagement and participation." 

Get involved 

This year, every practice has a golden opportunity to get involved in promoting the important message of WOHD. 

In addition to contributions from FDI member ogranisations like the ADA and student associations, oral health professionals, the wider healthcare community and the general public are being encouraged to actively reach out to their local community and to educate them about the importance of oral and general health. 

Excitingly, these campaigns can be submitted for consideration for an award, Best campaign by a dental practice or other healthcare setting and for Best branded photo. 

For details on how to participate, go to Award categories  

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